Saturday, 18 October 2014

Time activities

Our home Ed group ran an activity day all about time.

They made fruit clocks,

played time bingo,

made paper plate clocks,

learnt about time zones,

discussed lunar calendars 

and made an Egyptian water clock - with an interesting discussion around how the Greeks adapted the water clock for the different length of days they had with different sized holes, (bigger for the winter when they was less sunlight and smaller holes for the summer when the daylight was longer - you can find a great description over here)

they even got to make a couple of lids for each clock with different sized holes

Friday, 10 October 2014

Chore Chart

We have nicely settled back into our school routine but I felt the housework was suffering a little. After begging hubby for a cleaner to no avail, we decided that the girls should do more housework than they were doing.

I spent a good few weeks trying to find a chore chart that I could modify for 4 kids and rotate their chores - I eventually settled for this.

I painted a board white then stencilled on a quote with a black sharpie pen ('Nothing will work unless you do' Maya Angelou). I added four hooks with a name above for each child and stapled a string to the back for hanging.

Whilst searching for my perfect chart, I stumbled on some great, free icons from Today's Mama. I cut the black icons out and laminated them in sets of three. (I had to use a bit of creativity here - for example the toothbrush doesn't mean clean teeth but tidy the bathrooms and the mirror means dusting.)

Now each child has a set of three chores each day (on top of making their beds and tidying their room). We've been using this system for two weeks now (Mon through Fri) and I've got to say I'm loving it, in less than 30 mins a day the house is tidy. While the girls do their chores I can focus on the hard and unpleasant tasks like cleaning the toilets : (

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Week 3 - cheesy speech marks, quill pens and ink

The girls worked more on punctuation, covering commas and speech marks (using cheesy wotsits)


Revisited the water, nitrogen and carbon cycles - my fave is the lift the flap water cycle.

We rounded up our history unit on King John and the Magna Carta by making a quill pen.

It's very simple to do - remove the lower feathers,

work out how you want to hold the quill and mark off the point then cut at a 45 degree angle 

and finally remove the membrane from inside.

We also made some ink to go along with this 

using a cup full of berries (blackberries, raspberries, cranberries etc) squished through a sieve

then added salt and white vinegar to preserve it.

They kept at it all afternoon : ) 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Timeline Scroll

It's one of those thing that you are told every homeschool family should have, so you try to be good and create one running up the side of your staircase until you realise it will take over the whole house!

After many years (and many different timelines) I finally came up with one that fits easily into our home and life but still gives us tons of space to write all our history facts on (the full length of our timeline is just over 5 meters, so plenty of space for those all important facts).

Welcome the timeline scroll
(this looks like a roll of wallpaper because it is!)

We started by attaching a stick to the edge of the paper roll with duct tape (to make rolling and unrolling our scroll more fun) then rolling out the wallpaper and drawing a line through the middle - marking off each 50 years with alternating dark and light lines and adding the dates.

Then when we study a specific time we open just the section we need to write down our facts, add photos etc.

When we are not using our timeline, it neatly rolls up and hides in the corner behind the bookcase.  We use this on a daily basis and the girls just collect it and roll out what they need.

Monday, 29 September 2014

week 2 - or possibly arty, carnivorous pronouns

We all seem to be settling back into our routine nicely - we even managed to start on time 4 days last week : )

The girls looked at types of consumers - carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

They loved the poems - 'eyes on the side, help them hide' and 'eyes in front, help them hunt' so decided to incorporate them into their notes.

We reviewed nouns,

then started a pronoun study.

(just spotted the spelling error on that one - oh well, seems more spelling work is needed)

We worked some more on multiplication and read Multiplication Menace which the girls loved.

But their favourite activity of the week was learning about the elements of art and creating a lift the flap poster.

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